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About BHW

Established in 2017, BHW is a Product Development, Marketing and Sales company with focus on RF/Wireless front-end total solutions, including power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, RF Front-End ICs, as well as passives and antennas. The company strives to deliver top-quality service to its clients through developing best-class, cost-effective RF products for a highly competitive market.

Leveraging its deep RF knowledge base and a broad 30+ IP portfolio, BHW takes a holistic approach to solve challenging RF problems at the sub-system level, such as pioneering the industry's first RF Active integrated Antenna (RFAiA) solutions, in addition to providing highly competitive PA/LNA/Switch and Front-End ICs, with the goal to help its customers enhance product performance, improve power efficiency, reduce BOM cost, shrink product design cycle and speed up time-to-market substantially at the same time.




BHWA350: 2-in-1 Gain Block, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWA251: Wideband PA, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWL160: Wideband LNA, 1.45x1.0 DFN6

BHWL161: Wideband LNA, 1.0x1.0 DFN4

BHWS582: Schottky Diode, 1.0x0.6 SOD-882

Full-Constellation GNSS

BHWL160: Full GNSS LNA, 1.45x1.0 DFN6

BHWL161: Full GNSS LNA, 1.0x1.0 DFN4


BHWM252: LNA/SW FE, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWM253: 2-Port Tx/Rx FE, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWM256: LNA/SW/BP FE, 1.5x1.5 DFN8

BHWA251: Linear PA, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWA255: Linear PA, 1.5x1.5 DFN8

BHWA350: 2-in-1 Gain Block, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWL161: Fully-Matched LNA, 1.0x1.0 DFN4


BHWM552: LNA/SW FE, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWM556: LNA/SW/BP FE, 1.5x1.5 DFN8

BHWA555: One-Watt PA, 3x3 QFN16

BHWA350: 2-in-1 Gain Block, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWS582: Schottky Diode, 1.0x0.6 SOD-882


BHWA350: 2-in-1 Gain Block, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWM552: LNA/SW FE, 1.5x1.5 DFN6

BHWM556: LNA/SW/BP FE, 1.5x1.5 DFN8

BHWA555: 4-6GHz PA, 3x3 QFN16

RF Active integrated Antenna  (RFAiA)

BHWR250L: 2.4GHz AiA with LNA, 16x12mm

BHWR250M: 2.4GHz AiA LNA/SW, 16x12mm

BHWR250N: 2.4GHz AiA for AoA, 16x12mm

BHWR250: 2.4GHz Array Antenna 12x57mm

BHWR250C: 2.4GHz Compact Slot Antenna 12x30mm

BHWR580L: 5.8GHz AiA with LNA, 16x12mm

BHWR580M: 5.8GHz AiA PA/LNA, 16x12mm

BHWR550: 5-6GHz Array Antenna 12x57mm

BHWR550C: 5-6GHz Compact Broadband Antenna 12x30mm


BHW AppNotes


AppNote #004: 900MHz 0.5W Front-End

AppNote #005: BHWA350 for Sub-1GHz

Full-Constellation GNSS




RF Active integrated Antennas (AiA)


Sales  Reps & Distributors

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15/F., Tower B, Regent Centre, 70 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung, N. T,Hong Kong


Phone: +86-755-2603-7700

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BHW Technologies,
Suite 203, B43, Foxconn Science & Tech. Park, 51 Tongle Avenue, Jiangnan, Nanning, China 530031

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