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About BHW

Established in 2017, BHW Technologies is a Product Development, Marketing and Sales company with focus on RF/Wireless front-end total solutions, including power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, RF front-end modules, antennas, filters as well as other passives, to help customers achieve best-in-class RF performance goals such as maximizing the range of wireless audio/video and various IoT connectivity devices, and sub-meter tracking and navigation accuracy with emerging multi-frequency all-constellation GNSS.

Leveraging its deep RF knowledge base and a broad 30+ IP portfolio, BHW takes a holistic approach to solve challenging RF problems at the sub-system level, such as pioneering the industry's first-ever RF Active integrated Antenna (RFAiA) solutions, in addition to providing best-class PAs, LNAs and FEMs from 300MHz to 6GHz, with the goal to help its customers enhance product performance, improve power efficiency, reduce PCB footprint and BOM cost, shrink design cycle and speed up time-to-market substantially in a highly competitive market.

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